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Pain is Not the Problem

Pain is Not the Problem

pain is not the problem

Instead of wanting to be optimally healthy, usually an annoying ache or pain prompts Missouri residents to consult a chiropractor. Our examinations often reveal that the underlying problem has been there for some time. Many think their problem is the pain. They want the pain to go away.

But the pain is merely a warning sign.

Like a road sign. Or a fire alarm. Or an oil pressure gauge. They are just signs. They signal that something else is going on.

If you’re not accustomed to hearing that wee small voice of your body when the problem is small, it will shout louder and louder until you notice and take action. That’s when folks in Missouri give their local chiropractor a call. They want the pain to subside. This usually happens once we locate and reduce the underlying problem.

Many think chiropractic is about bones, especially the spine. But that’s only partially correct.

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